Role and Function

To perform following three important functions:

Functions related to industrial medicine

  • To attend Railway accident & other untoward incidences.

  • Pre employment Medical examination to allow only fit & suitable candidates to join the services.

  • PME (Periodical Medical Examination) of serving employees to allow fit persons to continue in those jobs which are related to safe running of the train.

  • To conduct medical Boards & other medical certification of serving employees.

  • To control loss of man-days on account of sickness.

  • To ensure safe water supply at Railway Station:

  • To constantly check on quality of drinking water and food made available at Railway Stations.

  • Certification of dead bodies at Railway Station, Railway Yards, Railway line etc.( It may be noted that MLC should be made before certification of dead bodies, otherwise any doctor can later on have to face charges of collusion. Therefore certification of dead bodies should be done after the local police shifts the dead body to the nearest hospital and not at the railway station itself.)

  • Certification of perishable goods in Railway Station about their disposal.

Functions related to medical treatment to Railway beneficiaries

  • To provide curative health care at primary, secondary and tertiary level.

  • To provide preventive health care.

  • To provide promotive health care.

Railway Territorial Army Duty

  • Railway has six Territorial Army Regiments. Railway doctors are part of Railway Territorial Army units and annually attend one month in training camp and perform other duties assigned to them in unit.

About Us

The Indian Railway Medical Service (IRMS) is an organized Group 'A' service (cadre) of the Government of India. The officers of this service are responsible for providing comprehensive health care to the serving railway employees, retired railway employees and their dependents as well as other categories of staff such as contractors, vendors and licensed porters....

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